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How would it feel to live in a warm, energy efficient home?

Welcome to Eco Heating and Plumbing

Eco Heating and Plumbing is able to meet all your plumbing and heating needs whilst providing greater energy efficiency. Whether you want the total package or separate parts of our heating and plumbing systems you can rest assured you are getting products and services that meet the highest European standards of quality and efficiency at an affordable price.

Eco Friendly and Cost Efficient

Our Products and Services


The ECO Team engineers will design heating, solar and ventilation systems for your house. Ensuring the use of high quality environmentally friendly products from European brands like

Logo of German energy efficient heating solutions company Wolf GmbH and Logo of Austrian solar energy systems company Austria Email.

Eco Friendly and Cost Efficient

Eco Heating and Plumbing products reduce your water and energy consumption, which will save you money and help save the environment. Stylish, innovative, and affordable, you will find our product range is well priced without compromising on quality.

Low Maintenance Costs

As a reputable business with rich experience in quality plumbing and heating, we know the value of low maintenance costs. Due to the consistency of our product range, we can keep our initial costs down. Coupled with that, you get to choose products that are easy-care and require little maintenance.

Systemized Packages

All your heating and plumbing needs are cared for in a systemized package. Projects from residential to small commercial will be customized to your needs. With us, you will experience hassle-free heating and plumbing installation with superb service.


I can highly recommend Uwe from Eco Heating and Plumbing... read more →

I can highly recommend Uwe from Eco Heating and Plumbing. He solved an urgent gas leak on my Brooklyn rental property. Fast, friendly, professional and honest. Thanks to his thinking outside of the box and using his initiative, my tenants could cook again that night and I saved myself over 3K which is what another company quoted. I'm so glad I sought a second opinion.

Thank you.

" Kristina Porteous (Sydney) "

Thank heavens... read more →

Thank heavens we have this heating system!! We have a German exchange student arriving on the 12th for a week. As she is from Köln, I'm sure she would return home immediately without this extra European style comfort.

" Grenville Lee, Eastbourne "

That’s the best heating system I ever had in a house. If I buy my next house I will use your service and system again.

" Jacqui Dunphy - Director Freedomlife "

Our electricity bill month on month has nearly halved... read more →

It took me seven months to find a solar water heating system which met or exceeded my requirements for domestic purposes.
I searched from one end of NZ to the other enquiring of many suppliers if the systems they sold would last, not corrode and would technically be able to have a wetback system which could divert hot water to several radiators throughout the house. Some were not interested or could not answer my questions fully while others either denied that there had been problems with their systems or straight out lied. The systems which came closest to my requirements were all "bolt together" systems i.e. not sealed collectors pressed from a single sheet of metal.
About four kilometres from home I came across Eco Heating and Plumbing and the decision became easy. I got the answers I was looking for.
I now have a 300 litre cylinder, two solar panels and an automatic pump control system which is very efficient ( when the sun is shining ) and our log burner with wetback provides backup heating. Net result is that this winter I have not turned on the backup electric element in the cylinder at all.
Our electricity bill month on month has nearly halved. We have still to install two or three radiators but that can wait until another time.
Uwe and Beate have been very accommodating and patient and have delivered on all of their promises.
As a cynical older tradesman, I have never before publicly recommended any company for any reason. I have much pleasure in breaking that rule and loudly stating that Eco Heating and Plumbing can meet and exceed expectations.
I would be most happy for anyone considering installing a Solar water heating system to see our system in action and explain, in my limited way, how it works and the benefits.

Thank you.

" Brendan Moriarty (Berhampore, Wellington) "

Can you please tell Uwe how happy... read more →

Can you please tell Uwe how happy we are he managed to do this connection taking such difficult access. We really appreciate it.

Thank you.

" A. K. T. "

I had forgotten what bliss a centrally heated house brought... read more →

I had forgotten what bliss a centrally heated house brought. Loving it so much. Huge thanks again to Uwe and Declan - I shall be extolling their virtues far and wide!

"Karen Thrumble"

We absolutely love our radiators. Our home is now so cosy and warm... read more →

We absolutely love our radiators. Our home is now so cosy and warm. Uwe took so much care in the preparation and we have no cold spots. Our power bill is cut in half and the radiators are so economical as well as being such a lovely heat, not like the blowing of a heat pump. Best decision ever to use Eco Heating and Uwe’s experience.

Thank you.

"Tracy Kent"

Thanks for the fantastic service! read more →

Thanks for the fantastic service!

"James Lake"

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